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22 April 2007 @ 01:41 pm
yes! finally someone was smmaaat!


'fruity cocktails count as health foods'
b/c the ethanol makes the fruity antioxidants work better. sweet. but, the greatest part: "The study did not address whether adding a little cocktail umbrella enhanced the effects." of course they do! silly rabbit!


mmm, summer plans floating around in my head, physiological formulas floating in the space that's left. on a beautiful day, coffee in two hours, Kyp - a swedish game played outside in four, and a chance for a friend to get rid of all her worries in seven. anddddd, start of looking around for a thesis topic. oh my god. i don't wanna grow up. but i'd love to do the research for it in my physio prof's lab. *drool*  he's cool. period. because he can ramble on about one type of ion channel (recently TRP) for ages. respect.


sun, salt, spring, taking out international students to the beach and AHOI-BRAUSE!!! our local erasmus specialty: take little packets of flavored powder that you use to make soda drinks, add vodka to the little packages, and down it goes. we learned in biochem: drink the alchohol warm, with bubbles and on an empty stomach for best effects. i'm not an alcoholic, the high off of life still holds.

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03 April 2007 @ 07:14 pm
ahhhhhhhhh. i could become so aggressive right now.
mi curso de español este semestre es uno de los mas peores que he asistido a en toda mi vida. sé que mi gramatica no es perfecta, ni mi vocabulario, pero en la clase hoy, tuvimos que escribir frases con ideas como: “ si podríamos cambiar algo en nuestro barrio, sea …” “deseo que en mi barrio haya mas parques” me voy a matar, me voy a matar. pero, olvidé que yo tengo la posibilidad de chupar los reservos descubiertos de esta clase. la profesora es muy amable, pero los otros estudiantes son … demotivatos. voy a traer periódicos, libros, otras cosas para que no me duermo … no es que imaginé. no puedo lograr nada en esta clase, no hay ninguna persona que habla con fluidad, sin miedo, tengo la impresión que algunos no quieren pronunciar las palabras de manera corecta… pero, ‘la vita è bella’ y no voy a quejarme nada más, no tengo tiempo para cosas pequeñas… quiero discutir poemas, hablar de la vida, escribir ensayos, ver películas, sentirme una parte de la comunidad que habla español. hablé con la bruja que ‘capitenea’ esa parte del departamiento de lenguas modernas, y, descubrí que no habría sido tan buena idea de asistir al próximo nivel del curso (unicert II, semestre 3) porque no quiero asistir a clase con esta bestia. pero tengo que forzarme de practicar ... Odio el sistema, odio la burocracia.
en otras noticias, empecé con clases hoy y va a ser un semestre duro, pero con muchos rayos de sol ! tengo bastante reservos para sobrevivir, ganados con las semanas en el extranjero, ¡viva el verano!

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05 January 2007 @ 10:00 pm

I'm procrastinating so badly, I'm even updating my LJ! wow. I'm alive!

I hope not to die tomorrow at 9am on the first part of the biochemistry final. yippee! However, I have something to look forward to; after many months, I will slaughter the box of real Kraft's Macaroni and Cheese I got for my birthday over 'dirty rotten scoundrels' with a depresed friend who is supposed to be writing her thesis on ADHD kids and Ritalin abuse and special education... I see parallels... Just like when we were dissecting - no morals occasionally (it was the formaldehyd...!) - "I see dead people." so bad :-)

Biochemistry Final Exam, Part I; Medizinische Fakultaet, Rostock:
Pass rate last year: 20%
Percent needed to pass last year: 40%.
I dislike the cold hard numbers.

Example of MC Question:
Which statements about the regulation of pyrimidine synthesis are true:
1. the key enzyme for procaryotes is Aspartatetranscarbamylase
2. Orotat is an allosteric inhibitor of Dihydroorotase.
3. Uracil inhibits the CPS-II (carbamylphosphate-synthetase II)
4. phosphoribosylpryophosphate (PRPP) is an allosteric activator of CPS II
5. ATP is an allosteric activator of the Aspartatetranscarbmylase.

A- 1,2,4
B- 2,3,5
C- 1,3,4
D- 1,2,5
E- 3,4 5

If you guessed A, it was just luck, nothing more.

Time to take some Baldrian capsels to actually fall asleep.
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13 February 2006 @ 08:01 am

Where I work... best ever. I do lots of nurse-y things, too much to go on in detail about here...
but also get to watch doctor-y things like lumbar punctions and EMG exams.

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01 February 2006 @ 06:47 pm
I promised Han a long crazy entry. Um, here it goes. Except it's not gonna be crazy cause I don't feel so well - just as my psych prof said - you usually get sick after all the stress is over. and so now i have a sore throat, kind of, a headache, and a runny nose. it's quite lovely and bleh. But I should update, I have this journal and so yeah.

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02 January 2006 @ 09:47 pm
*does a little dance* please be in Boston, everyone (almost)Sigh. The following is in German - but I hope it's understandable that I'll be in Boston on Thursday, March 9th at 18:55....


31 December 2005 @ 12:59 pm

Much love from me!

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29 October 2005 @ 03:06 pm

30 September 2005 @ 06:24 pm
Nun ja.

I thought I had fled from the insane early xmas decorations and shopping craziness by coming here, but I was sadly mistaken. I forgot one tiny thing. There is no Thanksgiving here (nor Hannukah for that matter). Ergo - xmas items - from chocolate santas to light-up fake green neonish trees - are already available in stores. It's depressing. Went to the Praktiker today (like Home Depot) and was greeted by lovely smiling santas and sleighs and lights and trees and then went grocery shopping and was led, by my nose, to the Stollen (special xmas cake), and chocolate and Lebkuchen.

On the bright side, I made myself oatmeal for dinner today, yes, I'm weird like that. Classes start in two weeks, orientation in one. Komisch. I feel like I'm behind already. Complained to the facebook in an email today for not having a section for *special* people like me, was about to drive to the mechanics to check out a problem that dissolved into thin air, liberated some grapes that fell off the back of my bike, enjoyed the crisp autumn air, strolled around the city and, for the first time, used my student ID to get a 20% discount at the bakery shop. :-D That's life. Haven't accomplished much yet I'm still tired come the end of the day. Signed up for gymnastics-course every Tuesday night, next tour-guide course (to eventually get a job to tour in english) is Thursday, and still have a list of things to do that are a) not urgent b) really unimportant, but c) they make me feel important. I should start memorizing the bones in the arms and legs or the muscles or tendons or something, but I have no motivation quite yet. I think I'll become nocturnal anyways. Might as well start now.

Met a 2nd year med student who said she didn't see the sun during the first year, and that the physics and anatomy profs have fun "shocking students." Also found out that I must perform 90 days of cheap labor (let me rephrase that: free labor) in a hospital before my end-of-fourth-semester exams (Physikum). Lovely. In my vacations. Even lovlier.
07 September 2005 @ 12:44 pm
Figured out how to post pictures, finally. I'm an idiot. But so is geocities. Tried to img src there, but they said I was over my "data transfer limit." So screw that, signed up for photobucket like everyone else. Neh, I wanted the yahoo way to work, then less accounts to manage. Bleh. But here it is. Picture was taken approx 1.5 months ago, so it's changed a bit, I have pics up on the slanted wall... Love my room. *Photobucket account deleted. - 26.9.2005*

My room.

The pictures I have of my desk I cannot show --- too messy :-p. But it's all good. Missing Boston...and everyone and everything.